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Conference Topics

 | Post date: 2021/09/20 | 
Conference Topics:
1- Sea-Based Development
  • Requirements and Principles of "Sea-Based Development" in Iran and Evaluation of Successful Experiences in The World
  • The Role and Potential of Mokran Islands and Coast in Sea-Based Development
  • Practical Foundations of "Sea-Based Development" in Drought Control, Transfer of Aquatic Industries and Agriculture
  • Strategies to Increase the Share of The Sea-Based Economy in The Total Economy of The Country
  • The Role of Provincial Divisions Reforming of The East and The South of The Country and Its Role in Development of Coasts and Ports
  • Strategies to Increase Population and Creation of New Cities on The Coasts and Islands
  • The Role of Marine Industries in Improving Land Management and Productivity Increment of Coasts and Ports
  • Follow up to Modify Upstream Documents Such as Land Management Document
2- Marine Economic and Management
  • Marine Industries & Corona (Covid-19) Crisis
  • Marine Industries Integrated Management
  • Planning and Policy Making
  • Marine Project Management
  • Financing Methods
  • The Marine Marketing
  • Investment in Marine Industry
  • Marine Tourism and Ecotourism
  • The Effect of Building Magnificent Urban Symbols on Development of Coastal Tourism
3- Offshore Oil and Gas Industry
  • Offshore Oil and Gas Technology
  • Offshore Drilling Rigs 
  • Marine Reservoir Production and Operation
  • Oil and Gas Storage Vessels, Production and Export (such as FPSO & SPM)
4- Navigation and Maritime Transportation
  • Marine Traffic and Transport
  • Transportation, Logistics and Maritime Services
  • Bunkering Methods and Refueling Ports
5- Rules, Regulations and Standards
  • National and International Laws, Standards and Conventions
  • Marine Insurance
  • Law of The Sea
  • Maritime Labor Laws
6- Health, Safety and Environment in Marine Industry
  • Health, Safety and Environment in Marine Industry During Corona (Covid-19) Pandemic
  • Prevention Of Marine Accidents
  • Marine Search and Rescue
  • Marine Pollution
  • Methods of Marine Environment Protection
7- Environmental and Meteorological Conditions of The Sea
  • Marine Hydrodynamics
  • Oceanography
  • Marine Meteorology
  • Marine Parameters Measurement
  • Hydrography
8- Ship Design and Construction
  • Design Methods
  • Ship Hydrodynamics
  • Ship Maintenance and Repair
  • Recycling Methods
  • Equipment, Machinery and Propulsion Systems
9-Coastal and Offshore Facilities
  • Port and Coastal Structures
  • Offshore Platforms
  • Marine Pipelines Engineering
  • Fabrication and Installation of Offshore Structures
  • Marine Geotechnics
  • Corrosion and Protection of Marine Structures
  • New Methods of Energy Production from The Environment or Renewable Energies
  • Safety Engineering, from Engineering Process to Production, Structural Risk, Environment and Financial Estimation
10-Marine Renewable Energy and New Technologies
  • Instrumentation and Control Methods
  • Marine Navigation, Communication and Electronics
  • Composite and Other New Materials
  • Robotic and Underwater Equipment
  • Fishing and New Aquaculture Methods
  • Policy Planning for Development of Marine Renewable Energy
  • Underwater Marine Engineering Including Construction, Repair, And Tests
  • Interaction of Marine Environment and New Structures
11-Human Resources
  • Supply and Demand of Marine Specialists
  • Problem Solving of Marine Industrial Workers and Seafarers
  • Marine Social and Culture Resources
  • Training of Seafaring and Marine Engineers
  • Efficient Training of New Generation Engineers
  • Virtual Training of Engineers with New Methods in Order to Optimize the Training Cost

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Important Dates

  • Submission Deadline: 11 December 2022 
  • Final Decision on Articles: 22 December 2022
  • Conference Registration: Will be announced
  • Conference Date: 16-17 February 2022

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